Monday, September 13, 2010

Only Korans?

[04/16/2012] - I feel like I've learned a lot since I wrote this, and it now no longer 100% represents my views on the subject; they aren't enraged because we burned some books.



Now that I have your attention; I have a very serious addiction to Bungie's games and am ultra amped up for the release of Halo: Reach tomorrow. The joy is slightly bitter-sweet* though since I'm certain that all future Halo games will just be cheap knockoffs now that Bungie is moving on to bigger and better things.

I just spotted something shiny; I'm gonna change the subject now.

Regarding the
Ground Zero Death of the Infidel Victory Monument
Manhattan community center I can't stress enough how much I absolutely don't care about it being built. What angers me is how agitated people are getting about it. I'm much more pissed at our support of Saudi Arabia.

The Florida Koran Burning League that you've probably heard about in the news; it took me a long time to sort out my thoughts on that whole fiasco. At first I was very conflicted. The burning of those Korans is reckless, offensive, and immature. That type of behavior is perfectly acceptable if you're a little know-nothing blogger in an obscure corner of the internet; I believe, however, that a prominent a community leader must be held to a higher standard of social conduct.

I have more to say, but my brain just shut down (caffeine crash I'm sure) so i'll update this post later today to finish my rant : )

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