Friday, July 15, 2011

Bringing a dumbass to a knife fight.

Over at the RedState site there's a post titled 'The No Social Security Payments Myth'.

Here's a choice quote:
The fact is that absent a debt ceiling the US can, indefinitely, pay principal and interest on our debt — thereby avoiding default; obligations under Social Security and Medicare; and active duty military salaries. It can do this and still have $40 billion per month to play with. 
Really?  That sounds like a good idea to you?

The post's author then asserts that, "If Social Security checks don’t go out it will be because Obama has decided it is to his political advantage to hurt as many Americans as possible."

That simply doesn't make any sense.  I was going to write more but decided that sums it up.  That simply doesn't make any sense.  I compare this to bringing a dumbass to a knife fight because you can win a knife fight, or prevent the debt ceiling from being raised, using a dumbass.  He's still a moron and he still is wrong.

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