Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ignite the very air: Playlist for the fall.

Jackbooted oppression got you down?  Here are my musical picks for the uprising.

(Yeah yeah yeah, fuck Myspace.)

Wormz - by Red Harvest. [Industrialized Thrash Metal] "Chase the bastard, bring him down, bury the fucker underground."  Dissent will not be tolerated, as the treatment of Bradley Manning and the OWS protesters has made more than clear.

Symbol of Decay - by Red Harvest. [Post-Industrial Electronica(?)] Sweeping melancholy inspired by the death and decay of a once thriving industrial city.

Smash the Control Machine - by Otep. [Nu Metal (wait! It's actually good music!)] "Then they outsourced my job and gave a raise to my boss.  You bailed out your banks and billed me for the loss..."

Just One Fix - by Ministry. [Industrial Metal] "Like if I boarded a train, trying to take in another station.  Join us and the choice will be made, unless we kill the lies as a nation."

Salem - by Paint it Black. [Hardcore] "my Intelligent Design? No Submission!"

Reject All American - by Bikini Kill. [Riot Ggrrllll]

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