Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Scream motherfucking DOOM!" And other juvenile bs

  • I'm replaying the Homeworld series, switching between all three games (the 'core' two and the expansion to the first).  The games are all fun, but the singleplayer campaigns feel horribly unfinished.  The missions all rely too heavily on gimmicks and the gameplay never becomes as fleshed out or involving as the skirmish or multiplayer modes.
  • A while ago I freaked out because a bunch of people were murdered in Afghanistan, ostensibly in retaliation for korans [sic?] being desecrated.  Looking back, I feel like a fool who got suckered into believing mindless propaganda.  It sucks that people were killed and I have nothing but contempt for religious freaks, but the Afghans weren't driven to that level of rage because of foreign soldiers callously gunning down books.
  • Have I already posted this quote by Kevin Phillips (one of the jackasses who helped develop the Republican 'Southern Strategy')? - "Part of the reason that the U.S. 'survival of the fittest' periods of economic restructuring are so relentless rests on the performance of the Democrats as history's second-most enthusiastic capitalist party.  They do not interfere much with capitalism's momentum, but wait for the excesses and the inevitable populist reaction."
  • Went to a coffee shop today, and the cash register broke down so the person gave me a free cup of coffee.  So that was nice.

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