Wednesday, June 6, 2012

*sigh* - The Democrats drop another easy victory.

Governor Scott Walker has won against his Democrat challenger in the recall election here in Wisconsin.

Forget the Democrats- the real losers here are everyone who want an escape from the suffocating Two Party System here in the US.  The mass demonstrations that kicked off because of the Republican government's assault on worker's rights were not about getting Democrats elected.  The fact is that the Democrats and their enablers in the labor movement successfully co-opted the the protests and converted them into a grand electioneering campaign, and this would be to the detriment of everyone even if Barret had won.

Because we're essentially only allowed one candidate from each of the two major political parties in most elections here in the US, both sides abuse the "well the other side is worse!" argument.  In this instance it was nauseating watching the whole spectacle; the fact that Barret is a hack who used many the worst parts of the Republican legislation to attack organized labor in Milwaukee is just adding insult to injury.

So yes, as always I would have preferred for the Democrat to beat the Republican.  I'm still not going to lose any sleep over this particular loss- there is hard work to be done outside and away from the Democrats, and none of it would be any easier because of the Democratic Party, even though it will be much more difficult with the Republicans instead.

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