Thursday, July 1, 2010


The official website for the Texas GOP is pretty amusing. The front page contains all of the dignity of a tabloid; a huge picture of Bill White (I assume, I don't live in Texas) accompanied with "Keeping up with LIBERAL BILL!"

Also of good comedic value are the comment sections [update - 07/22/2012: removed a link here, they deleted the page it went to] on all of their posts. Every single one has "0 comments" listed. I don't know if it's always been that way, but I'm going to assume that they locked and deleted everything shortly after experiencing the horror of what happens the "t3h 1nterwebz!" speaks its mind.

The best part though is their party platform. There isn't one. They had it up earlier today and you can still find where people have mirrored it. However, at the moment their website remains mysteriously platform-less.

I've been a little heavy on the name-calling so far with this blog and some day I intend to force myself to stop that. Until then may I suggest, however, that the Texas GOP is a bunch of cowards. They spew hatred and intolerance, preaching homophobia and misogyny with pride.

And then they cry and lock the comments when people respond with what's on their minds.

At least they deleted that diseased manifesto they were calling their platform. Otherwise they'd be worse than cowards. If they didn't allow comments because they didn't want people using obscene language and left their platform up for all to read they would be hypocrites .

Edit/Update: Apparently the big banner on their front page is randomly selected every time you load, so you may not experience the delight of viewing the 'LIBERAL BILL' thing until you refresh the page a few times.

Update 2: I was stupid, my original post had a link to Theocracy Watch's analysis of the 2004 Texas GOP platform. My bad.

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