Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Here Already

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Mankind 2.0, courtesy of the wonderful blog Pharyngula.

My reaction can be best summed up using the infinitely wise words of Our Glorious Leader, Ofu Kahn of the band Red Harvest:

(From the song 'Teknocrate')

It's here already
It's after all of us...
you're fucking next
Tekno-logical domiNation
Create or modify TeknoLogical Productions
A constructed pre-defined community

You are programmed to believe
That this is what you want

All things are coded
It's just a matter of construction
Our eyes are changing By (our) Trans-Mutation
...and life keeps slipping away...
Anti-humanized nature
Anti-life Cyborgian conditions
What was human anyway?

(We are) bio computers
Re-Configure yourself
The Teknocrates have spoken

Okay, so I may be a little quick to cry "Dystopia!" on issues like this. It's just that I get paranoid about the possibilities for the future when I start thinking about what will happen when we as a species have the ability to completely reshape what we are. Can you imagine anything more terrifying than a corporation like Unilever or one of the major religions being able to actually create their ideal human being?

Books like 1984 and A Brave New World suddenly seem so tepid and uninspired compared to what I think the human race is actually going to be capable of.

I just wish it didn't sound so paranoid. I wish that my first instinct wasn't always to curl up in a ball and listen to Sic Transit Gloria Mundi a few times.

I feel better after writing this though. I think that blogging is like secular prayer; you don't actually do anything but you feel like you took some kind of action.

Anyways, I want to finish with a couple of side notes. First of all, if you haven't noticed, I really love the music of Red Harvest.

More importantly though I am really addicted to Machinarium (careful, there's music on that webpage) right now. If you're into indie gaming and immersive adventure games, you should at least try the free demo.

Thanks for reading! Over and out.

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