Monday, August 1, 2011

(Incoherent Ramblings about) Norwegian Terrorism

When I heard about the recent shooting/bombing in Norway, my first reaction was not "MUSLIMS!!!"

It was something along the lines of "That's awful" followed quickly by "Oh fuck, please don't be a Black Metal band."

I generally love black metal music, though I find the superstitious underpinnings annoying and have always been troubled by the violence associated with its early years.  And even today racism, misogyny and homophobia often ruin what would otherwise be good music.

It bothers me very much that so many people seem to fetishize the church burnings and murders.  Those actions were disgraceful and unjustified acts of terrorism.

I don't know how the man responsible for the recent shootings felt about black metal, or if he was in any way associated with it.  It seems very clear though that he was motivated by the same type of xenophobic bullshit that was the excuse for the arsons in the early 90s.  The main difference between motivation is that the black metal groups saw the Christians as the outsiders and Anders Breivik was afraid of Muslims.

I don't know where I'm going with this post or what I'm really trying to say.

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