Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flaky randomness. (micro-update)

Just some stuff that's on my mind.
  • Reading through Lenin's (yes, THAT Lenin) State and Revolution I am awestruck by how similar Lenin's rhetoric is to the GOP's when it comes to government bureaucracy (they are not in favor of it), though the similarities are on a purely superficial level of course.  More on this later.....
  •  Kerbal Space Program is amazing.  Its a rocket/space-flight simulator that has no right to be as fun or addicting as it is.  Unfinished still, but they are pursuing something similar to the 'Minecraft' route for development where you can download the newest Alpha or Beta versions of the game for free, which I highly recommend.
  • gggggrrrrrr bbboooo hhiissssssss
  • Bethesda has a long way to go before I forgive them for turning the Fallout series into a spin-off of the Elder Scrolls games, but Skyrim earns them a surprising amount of credit towards winning my respect again.  (I'm trying to say it's fun.)
  • New season of Metalocalypse starts April 29!

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