Sunday, April 22, 2012

whoa.... shiny......

A bit out of it lately, but not in a bad way.

  • I replayed some of Halo: Reach today.  It's been a long time and it feels good to remember just how much I love Bungie's games.
  • I'm feeling completely overloaded on political/social/economic literature.  I think I'll shelve Orwell's Homage to Catalonia and finish the Warhammer 40k book I have laying around.
  • I'm horribly ignorant of contemporary European politics (wait, didn't I just say I'm sick of this stuf?!? aaahhh!!!!) but the voting in France has me concerned.  Just under 20% of the vote went to a far right candidate.
  • Apparently, however, a nominally Socialist candidate took the single largest group of votes at just under 30%.
  • Questions I have:
    • How do French elections work?
    • How do French electoral politics normally play out?
    • What are the historic precedents for the performance of the various parties?
    • How "far right" are we dealing with here?
    • Are there any real Socialist parties (anti-capitalism, in favor of mass democracy, etc) worth noting in France?  What about Marxist parties?
  • Quick!  I must go do extensive research on French politics walk my dog and play more Halo!

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