Friday, July 6, 2012

North Korea's "new" song.

Remember those children singing a song about President Obama?  The one about children singing praises to the Dear Leader?  No?  Well I assure you that Fox News hasn't forgotten yet.

Anyway here's another song about a Glorious Leader.  This one is from North Korea.

In 1951 Natalia Sedova Trotsky wrote a letter of resignation from the Fourth International which said in part, "Obsessed by old and outlived formulas, you continue to regard the Stalinist state as a workers state. I cannot and will not follow you in this."  Obscenely much of the Trotskyist left has yet to grasp the wisdom in her words.

The ideas put forward by too many of my comrades that North Korea is a "deformed" or "degenerate" worker's state are nothing more than obscene jokes being told by children who fail to grasp the significance of their words.

Update: Ah! I forgot to link to her letter.

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