Saturday, December 31, 2011

"99%" certain THIS is a new Ministry song. (small update)

So I was laughably stupid last time I posted something like this.


Ministry has a single out off of their upcoming album, the song is called "99%"

It's good, not great.  If I was an optimist I'd say that if this is the low-water mark for the new album things are going to be amazing.

(update) Listening to it a few more times, I'm actually liking the song more.  The lyrics, as far as protest anthems are concerned, aren't very good.  Other than that I'm liking the stylistic change-up since the last few albums.  It reminds me of the more laid-back tracks off of The Last Sucker, such as the titular track, except that it lacks any real variance in tempo or intensity, though 99% has far more interesting guitar/percussion/synth/etc overall.

Bleh, it's hard to analyze a single Ministry song.  Ministry's songs have never been very good, that's why its one of those bands where people talk about it by the album.

So I guess the bottom line is: I like this song, and am feeling optimistic about the album now.

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