Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the other hand I'd like to hear more of these arguments.

Different article on Salon (guess what website I'm reading this morning!) by Justin Elliot, titled "Apocalypse Newt"

I agree with the general consensus that Gingrich is a total freak and an utter fraud.  However there are certain things I agree with him on, to a limited extent.  Permanent moon colonies, preparing our cities and national infrastructure for nuclear attacks, combating climate change, generally keeping in mind that our species is tiny and insignificant in the universe and is only one asteroid away from extinction; those are all things that are worth keeping in mind when thinking about global policies.

It is the narrowed minded focus and alarmist attitude on specific issues (moon mining, EMP bombs) at the exclusion of truly immediate problems (climate change, rapid loss of biodiversity) where Newt crosses the line to becoming laughable, to say nothing of his delusions of 'stealth jihad'.

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