Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Regarding Race Issues

I'm a bit amused by the differences between the 'Issues' categories on the respective websites for Scott Walker (R) and Tom Barrett (D). Both are running for governor of Wisconsin this year.

The list on Walker's is:
- Agriculture
- Education
- Goverment Spending - Reform
- Healthcare
- Jobs
- Natural Resources & Sportsmen
- Protecting Life
- Second Amendment
- Standing up for Wisconsin Families

Tom Barrett:
- Agriculture
- Creating Jobs
- Education
- Energy and our Enviroment
- Healthcare
- Fiscal Responsibility
- Senior Citizens
- Transportation
- Veterans
- Women's Issues

I'll update this post later with a more in-depth look at what information is actually contained within those various categories. For now I'm just going to say that it's rather telling that the republican gave entire categories to the rights of embryos and gun owners while the democrat included a 'Women's Issues' category.

How copy? Over.

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