Monday, October 25, 2010

Song of the Week: "Black Night"

My previous post inspired me to declare this week's song to be Black Night. Of course I'm not referring to Deep Purple's classic single; I'm talking about Deicide's cover of Deep Purple's classic single. And I'm assuming the authority to dedicate that song to none other than the Legendary Yukio Futatsugi himself (I'd link to a better interview but I'm too lazy to find one right now, I'll probably update that link later).

Why am I picking this song and that Legendary Figure? Partly because both are amazing; partly because the original Black Night was written in a drunken stupor when Deep Purple's record company demanded something to be released as a single and Yukio Futatsugi's last game at Microsoft Game Studios (Phantom Dust) received equally callous treatment.

Mostly though it's because things just don't feel right when Yukio isn't crafting his masterpieces. Fortunately there is always hope; sometimes we all we have to do is be patient.

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