Monday, February 6, 2012

"Don't ask us about social issues, just know we'll bring sweeping change" - A Libertarian

Purely for the sake of amusement, go read this tripe.

Entitled "The Screwed Generation: Libertarian, Not Liberal", here are some of the words of wisdom to be found:
So when the traditional liberal means of protecting ourselves — uniting behind the government to promote action that benefits the common good — no longer serves our best interest, we begin to serve our own. We have a new set of morals that have been established because the old ones were no longer cutting it.
Sounds good.
....The fact that there are still discussions between contending candidates about whether gay marriage should be legal or if women should have the right to have an abortion is shameful in the eyes of the youth vote.
What?  Which "youth vote" are you talking about?  Even though the trend is towards more progressive attitudes there is still substantial, and reactionary, opposition in the 'youth' demographics.
...Let’s be honest, when we’re facing a domestic and global recession, high unemployment and a blunder-filled tax code, social issues act only as a distraction to engage the “religious right” and the “hippie left.” By jettisoning social issues, Paul is able to have a conversation about fiscal policy with a bunch of kids who are growing up in a new economy.
Except you just said that the 'young generation' does care about social issues that are under attack by the religious right.  Are you therefore saying that our generation is mostly of the "hippie left"?
...If our conversation about fiscal reform starts to reshape our economy, we will spearhead sweeping social change. 
Ok, now you're just creeping me out.   What changes do you want to make?  How will they be made?    Saying that you'll make sweeping social changes sounds suspiciously unlibertarian.
We still vote with our heart; it’s just in a slightly different place. We’d rather bring home our troops from overseas and save those lives while spending that money to establish a universal healthcare system that will save even more.

You want universal healthcare?  Do you understand what libertarianism is?  Specifically Ron Paul libertarianism, since you specifically talk about the value of his presidential run multiple times.
We’re still “liberal,”
Then what was the point of your fucking article?  That liberals should shut up about social issues?

If you're just trying to say that "Ron Paul brings important things to the discussion" then just say that instead of blathering on forever.

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