Friday, February 24, 2012

Surprisingly not caring about Mass Effect 3

(mini-update: Here's a cheerful preface to all my ranting)
I bought the first Mass Effect twice, on 360 and then on PC.  I bought Mass Effect 2 the day it came out, and then bought all of the add-ons (DLC), even the scandalously overpriced 'alternate appearance packs' which I loved anyways.  I bought Dragon Age (also by Bioware) on launch day, and then bought nearly all of the DLC.

I own other EA games also, sans-DLC.  I own Burnout Paradise, Spore, and Sims 3 plus a slew of older titles.

Then my EA accounts disappeared.  All of them.  They literally stopped existing.  I can't play with any of the DLC I bought for ME2 or Dragon Age, I can't log into the online features in Spore or Burnout Paradise (the only reason I bought those games).  EA and Bioware customer support is a hellish maze of nonsense and frustration that would make Dell proud.

Then Bioware decides to do major day one DLC for ME3.  They did that for ME2 and Dragon Age also, but if you bought the game new you received most of it for free anyways.  Not so this time.  Unless you pay extra for the collector's edition you will have to pay $10 (US) for the extra squad member, squad member outfits, new weapon, and new quest(s).

The ME3 DLC would be aggravating by itself, but all of this together is too much for me.

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