Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dark Paganism? Check. 95% of Population 'Disappeared'? In Progress.

The only objective, empirical statement which can be made of the arts is this: music sucked before industrialization.

Which leaves me confused as to what is really being said in this video.

The two conservative scholars assert that environmentalists want the world to move to a dark paganism, which is fine since I  greatly enjoy black metal.  Where they lose me is with their assertion that we also want to go back to a pre-industrial society.  That seems to be simply ludicrous; see my above statement about industrialization.

I'm confused now.  Certainly they can't be dumb enough as to think I'd want to give up everything that has been learned from the geniuses who formed the core of the initial industrial movements.

And besides, what does environmentalism have to do with musical taste anyways?

*cough* if you're completely bewildered, go watch the video *cough*

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