Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 'Self-Evident' truth isn't. (plus a random Nietzsche quote)

I get a cheap sexual thrill out of quoting Nietzsche as if his writings are religious texts.  With that in mind....

Aphorism 331 in Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human reads:
Indication of alienation.  The clearest sign that two hold alienated views is that each says ironic things to the other, but neither of the two feels the other's irony.
I think that part of the 'problem' that I ran into in the obscenely drawn-out thread on Socimages about Chell's high heels is that my point of view on the issue was so completely alien to the other expressed views that nobody was communicating their full thoughts, assuming that the other person would already be familiar with their fundamental assumptions.

It was a fun but ultimately pointless argument.

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