Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last chance to evacuate the earth....(unfinished/part one)

I think the the concept of the objective 'perfect' is psychological nonsense.  It's a shared delusion born from shortcuts in logic that our brains are hardwired to take.  My best evidence for this is that the godhead of most monotheist religions is synonymous with perfection; by necessity then all descriptions of god are so arbitrary that they are completely laughable or so vapid that they are nauseatingly meaningless.

WARNING: Much bullshit pseudoscientific numerological 'philosophy' is about to follow.

Perfection is a completely subjective and arbitrary state.  You can say that the number '3' is the perfect example of 3, but 3 still is not in any objective way Perfect.  Worse is the fact that '11' is a far more perfect way to represent the third numerical integer in a binary numbering system.

You can say that the Universe is perfect, except that reduces the word down to being meaningless again.  Perfect compared to what?  As soon as you introduce an alternative to the universe the term perfection becomes objectively meaningless again since your assuming it means 'the universe as it exists'; which is, again, an arbitrary judgement.

Nonetheless 'perfection' is an undeniably useful construct.

There is an objective reality, or at least that's the basic assumption that all of my thoughts operate upon.  It is value judgements that are all subjective; there is no fundamental basis for any fixed absolute morality to be found anywhere in nature.  A person can say, "X is supremely good" and can give numerous well-argued reasons for why X should be considered good, but X is still merely an opinion.

So-called 'traumatic insemination' may sound like something incredibly evil, but if our species (or some splinter of it) evolved along that path then it would simply be the way things are.

Nonetheless I have to say that would be, and this is the technical term, totally fucking atrocious.

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