Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm quite possibly not going to vote for Obama.

I understand that a Republican president would be awful; I most certainly am not voting for any republicans.

It has, however, often been noted that democrats simply aren't worried about their liberal and progressive base.  Maybe it's time to start playing some brinksmanship.  In a perfect world I could never, in good conscience, vote for Obama again.  The thought of being held hostage to the Democratic party because "We're not as scary as the Republicans!"(tm) is repulsive.  So, for president at least, I'm going to vote for a third party or even not vote for anyone.  For as long as the Democrats can take our votes for granted they will never give a fuck about actually doing anything we want them to.  At this point I'm willing to risk another four years of a Republican executive if it means there's a chance that the Dems will be brought back in line, even if only for a while.

Maybe.  I'm probably chicken out and vote Obama anyways.

The Republicans are terrifying.


Incidentally I have have found my holy twin.  Obviously I am the evil one.

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