Wednesday, June 1, 2011

^_^ I'm Such A Shameless Hypocrite (video games this time)

Dark Souls.  Fuck yeah.  I love both of my Demon's Souls characters; one is zealous Temple Kight who slaughters the impure (ironic since his god is actually the source of all corruption) with his blessed Meat Cleaver (no really!) and Sword of Moonlight while wearing his Dark Silver armor that was, of course, looted off the corpse of a still-honorable knight who was honor bound to defend a fallen saint.  The other is a demented young woman of the royal family wielding a Blue Blood sword (damage increases with your 'luck' attribute, which is hilarious) and who has traded her royal garb for the 'Binded Cross' of a royal executioner (who she brutally murdered btw).

Shut up.  It's cool.

But I am hyped about the prospect of casting aside Demon's Souls for the newer, shinier corporate cash-in Dark Souls.

I just found out that there will be a new BloodRayne game.  I never played the second game and, let's be honest, the movies are unforgivably bad, and I know next to nothing about the upcoming installment in the franchise.  But it's a new BloodRayne game.  Yay!

The first game is one of the best from the last generation no matter what the entire rest of the world says. It is one of the definitive documents of stylized Nazi occultism, and Rayne herself is a surprisingly strong and fascinating character.  I don't (just) mean 'fascinating' in the "hetenormatively sexy redhead in skimpy leather" way.  I swear.

Then there's Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.  I could whine about it being a obvious money grab from a shamelessly cash obsessed corporation.  I could whine about the transformation of Kerrigan from an agressive tomboyish genocidal maniac in the first Starcraft into the agressive feminine-looking genocidal maniac in Starcraft 2.  But seriously, it's Starcraft.  STFU.

^_^ +1

update: rapidly edited multiple times because of typos.

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